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Gambling merchant services account

02.04.2014 2 Comments

Gambling merchant services account aurora casino

Business activities classified as gambling are those taking place at hotels, as well as at events having primarily to do with beverages, food, construction, wardrobe, surveillance, security, decoration, designing, advertising, publications, marketing, telecommunications, video and audio, lighting, management, displays, gaming equipments and supplies, entertainment, amusement and others. These merchant accounts are MCC coded, automatically restricting transactions from countries which prohibit online gaming such USA, Norway, Turkey.

The bank will then process your application and determine your merchant account fees. So far everything has been working quite smooth. Is Interchange Plus, Tiered, or Membership Pricing the best? Gambling may be the epitome of high risk, high reward. This allows us to source banks with quicker settlements, lower processing and those servcies an appetite for business. To qualify for gambling merchant account services, you need to merchnat a gambling license — there is no way around that requirement.

In most cases, gaming or gambling merchant accounts can be approved and established within days. This is much faster than other companies because of the experience we have providing merchant account services. Finding the right merchant account can be a challenge for online gambling companies. Often considered high risk due to market perception and chargeback rates, it is important to work with the right merchant services provider. Instabill’s gambling merchant accounts offer you a level of service that will help your business succeed and increase profits. Instabill got its start processing credit cards for online gambling in –we know online gambling. To find out more about Instabill’s merchant services.


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