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Prayer to stop gambling

11.08.2014 2 Comments

Prayer to stop gambling advantages of legalized gambling

I duno what to do. I do this over and over.

It's a brain dysfunction, not a free will issue. If nothing else, this knowledge may help you to help someone else. Yes, I felt the evil too when I was gambling even though I'd sit there praying to God to win my money back, and 9 times out of 10 I'd still lose. I'd hear the laughter in my head. I feel that is the first step if you truly wish to stop gambling. I left Sydney for smaller city of Australia and there my gambling continued but this time on poker machines that got me even more hooked than table games.

The national organization, Stop Predatory Gambling, is asking people of faith to spend time during the week of September , (with September 27 being designated as “National Stop Predatory Gambling Day of Prayer ”. Please Lord, hear my prayer from a repentant heart and soul. I will only succeed through You. In the Lords name I pray, Amen. God has blessed me with lots of ways in which I have been saved many times. The only way to stop gambling is just to stop. Please pray for me. I cant stand this life anymore, but i also no its not going to be easy to stop. I am going to not gamble for 5 days an maybe longer. I just ask for your prayers for me to continue this journey and to become the person I know God wants me to be.I know no one is perfect and I know.


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